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More images previously published on paper

1920x1050px wallpaper showing Magnum Research BFR in 500JRH. Dan Wesson Specialist, 45ACP.

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Photos for publications

These images were all made for print magazines. Most were published, some were not — now you can see them all here. Czechpoint .357 revolver. Higher left hand position would have been nice. One reason to try to flee: handgun … Continue reading

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Jeopardy, opportunity, ability

The shooting of Andy Lopez for the “crime” of carrying an airsoft toy gun in California is interesting for several reasons. One, the shooter is an acquaintance whom I know through the Firing Line forum and regard favorably, largely thanks … Continue reading

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The happy end of the computer saga

My friend Arli just drove up all the way from Memphis with a higher-end motherboard and processor, fixing my computer. Just in case, we tossed in an extra fan for the disk array and another for the video card. Everything … Continue reading

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One more photo retoucher needed

Due to the increased volume of work, I am looking for one more freelance retoucher. If interested and qualified, please contact me.

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GWACS polymer lower: new on AllOutdoor

Pluses and minuses of one-piece polymer lower.

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Computer is NOT fixed.

We thought it was a problem with heat. Internal diagnostics were not accurate, and the fan setup was suboptimal. It took five hours of my friend’s time to figure that out. Computer ran for 45 minutes without failure by the … Continue reading

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Computer reboots immediately after starting Windows (problem is presisting)

I just clumsily pulled the main power cord from the battery/UPS, turning off the PC while it ran. Now it boots into Windows 7, and a few seconds later reboots. The first time it did so, it displayed a message … Continue reading

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“Shoot to Win” by Chris Cheng

For the past year, I’ve been taking photos for Chris Cheng’s upcoming book. This book is now available for pre-order. I endorse it.

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Loaner mousguns needed.

I’d like to borrow a Browning Baby (or the similar .25 Colt, Beretta) and any flavor of NAA Mini revolver in 22LR for a test firing in Nashville. Anyone?

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Snapshots from various years.

These have only one thing in common: they were taken with pocket cameras, either mine or borrowed.

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This is why I like Boberg XR9

The gun is small, light, has a good trigger and very low recoil. First, I tried it on paper. Rapid fire from 21ft shows lack of trigger control on my part, I am still not used to DAO triggers. That … Continue reading

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Right rifle for left-hand shooters

RRA Operator-L with EOTech sight, X5L RS light/laser, Magpul 40rd magazine and AFG. The fashionable hat is from Henschel.

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No time for a sight picture?

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New on AllOutdoor: Designing meaningful practice targets

How to learn from every range trip…on the cheap.

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New on AllOutdoor: Henry Arms survival kit

Henry Arms survival kit reviewed by my friendĀ Frank and photographed by me.

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Heller Commemorative .44 Bulldog

Charter Arms supports Heller Foundation. You can also support them, either by buying this revolver or by making a direct donation.

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Little mouse.

Today, while on a photo shoot with me and another friend, the author of Just People found this tiny comatose mouse. The model wanted to warm it up, but its prospects looked poor.

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Social service homicide

The killing at LAX was done rather inefficiently, but the sole surprise is that this hasn’t happened much sooner. Given that our side — non-government people — tends to avoid violence, this was probably squabbling among thieves escalating to a … Continue reading

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USB card reader connection drops repeatedly.

For some reason, all three of my CF card readers drop connection while I try to transfer files from them. They do it with all five cards, all six USB2 and both USB3 ports — but this was a very … Continue reading

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