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Little Sarah

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A sterling example of today’s youth

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Rimfire fun

Keri tries out a GSG522.

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New toy: GSG522

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Purple isn’t just for old women anymore

JRC carbine in “muddy girl” pattern, 33rd Glock magazine, YHM sights, Viridian X5L light/laser. Left thumb controls the light/laser switch.

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Being a Credible Threat: new on CTD blog

Read the post on CTD blog.

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RMR30 from a couple of angles

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RMR30 is very small

Keltec views RMR30 as a hunting and plinking carbine. It can be that, but I see it more as a home defense rifle for people who cannot hold up a heavy rifle or deal with much recoil. From a 16″ … Continue reading

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Improving the Sub2000: new on CTD

How to take this carbine and maker it even better: customizing the Sub2000

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“Last chance to back down!”

Auto Ordnance Thompson with 20rd stick magazine, 50rd disk in the bag.

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Production RMR30 carbine arrived

Anna doesn’t like heavy rifles. To her, even an AK clone is too heavy, so this little carbine is much more to her liking. Loaded with 30 rounds of 22wmr, it weighs 2.3kg (4.2lbs). The production version differs from the … Continue reading

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Substance and style

I think the appeal of lever actions is similar to the appeal of Steampunk and Victorian/Edwardian styles — functional enough to be useful, and intricate enough to be interesting. This one is a Henry carbine with really nice wood and … Continue reading

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Pretty is as pretty does

I used to view vz58 as a quaint design roughly analogous to AK47, but uglier. I’ve since become a fan: the rifle is shorter than an M1 carbine and no heavier, while shooting a more potent round with mild recoil. … Continue reading

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Luck is often on the side of large magazines

Henry Big Boy See Ballistics by the Inch for the actual velocity numbers. 240gr Hydro-shock at 1600fps+ seems quite respectable, especially since the recoil in this gun is very mild. I got this carbine after trying the 45Colt version and … Continue reading

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Good carbine for new shooters

Integrally suppressed 10-22 (AAC barrel) with 4x Leupold scope and 25-rd magazine. I try to start new shooters with quiet, accurate and easily operated firearms. It’s important to make the first session fun. Once trigger control and sight alignment are … Continue reading

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New quad rail for Keltec Sub2000

The original quad rail for Sub2000 had a bit of flex in it. While sights installed on it seemed to keep zero, it didn’t inspire confidence. Keltec updated the rail and the new version is rock-solid. I tried a 45* … Continue reading

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Henry Big Boy

In March, I had an opportunity to shoot several rounds through a Henry Big Boy in .45 Colt. I am not, ordinarily, a fan of lever actions, but that one clicked with me. Having more rifles than range time, I … Continue reading

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Thompson .45 carbine

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Why settle for a can of whoopass when you can have a whole drum?

45ACP light-weight carbine (T5) with 100-round drum attached. 1927 style foregrip and Cutts compensator.

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Woe unto the varmints

Coming soon from Keltec: 30 rounds of 22WMR, great trigger and accuracy, almost no recoil. Charging handle doesn’t reciprocate. Stock will have intermediate positions. Muzzle threaded for a suppressor or a flash hider. Very lightweight.

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