Henry Big Boy

In March, I had an opportunity to shoot several rounds through a Henry Big Boy in .45 Colt. I am not, ordinarily, a fan of lever actions, but that one clicked with me. Having more rifles than range time, I couldn’t justify getting one. Not being a reloader, I couldn’t justify 45Colt chambering, either. To my delight, I got my hands on the .44 Magnum and .22LR versions recently. It feels almost as the .45 version did, being just a little shorter. I have yet to fire it live, but I have a hundred rounds waiting for the next range trip…in the meantime, it looks good in pictures. The fit and finish on it are superb.

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5 Responses to Henry Big Boy

  1. Weston says:

    Good looking gun. The levergun is a quintessentially American firearm.

  2. Eric Oppen says:

    Nice! A bit pricey for me, but as a lefty (both my left hand and eye are dominant) I prefer a lever to a bolt.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Real price is less than MSRP. I saw Henry 22s about ten years ago and wasn’t impressed. In a decade, the materials and the quality improved very significantly.

  3. BLT says:

    I have a Winchester Trapper in .44 Magnum. It is easily one of my favorite rifles…and I’m a guy who owns a half dozen ARs and a few AKs variants. The trapper weights nothing, is extremely easy to handle, aim and fire. Out to 200 yards, I can put rounds on target with zero problem, and the 44 magnum out of a 16″+ barrel provides some admirable ballistics. My Winny Trapper has always been one of those “wilderness guns.” If I have to take something light and effective, the Trapper with a box of ammo would be hard to beat. It’s not a “Mogadishu” weapon, but for a week of fishing/camping, or a remote cabin, it’s hard to beat.

    In other words, I think you’ll love it.

  4. JJ Swiontek says:

    I have the Henry Big Boy in .44 Special/.44 Magnum. The .44 Magnum round is a good amount of recoil and I would recommend using the .44 Magnum round only for serious middle-sized game hunting. The .44 Special round is much more user-friendly (recoil wise) and great for target shooting.

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