vz58 from Czechpoint. The gun and the magazines are lighter by far than any 7.62×39 AK variant. Shown with AFG2 and Primary Arms “M3” red dot. The sight mount is see-through for the iron sights. Ribbed part of the stock is the cheek-piece and can be raised.

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  1. ChrisJ says:

    I love Czech guns, and someday I’d sure like to get a vz58. Though I’m not sold on the proprietary mags; I don’t feel the last round bolt hold open offsets the ubiquity of AK mags.

  2. Lighter, agreed, but there is something to be said for magazines where $20 will get you 3, can be run over and still function, and are present in huge numbers in every city. It is a neat rifle, though.

  3. Eric Oppen says:

    I’ve always been curious about these rifles, and if I’d known a semi-auto version was available, I’d have wanted to buy one and compare-and-contrast with an AK.

  4. Greg Popik says:

    The Czech Vz58 series rifles are fantastic firearms.

    Durable and reliable with its milled receiver and forged steel parts, this rifle tale of the tape shows reveals this rifle at a full pound less weight than an AK74 variant of comparable size.

    A rifle of cold war production vintage that is still seeing use by Czech forces today, criticisms about the Vz58’s ergonomics and design of the rifle as ‘dated’ have been mitigated by recent influx of quality aftermarket parts ranging from effective muzzle breaks to ambidextrous controls.

    At a price point ranging from $650 in Canada to $1000 in the US, it is a price efficient option and a whole lot of gun for the money.

    Great pictures Oleg.

    • Lanius says:

      It’s a carbine designed for use by low-skilled troops. Not designed for precision shooting like the AR-15 or M-14..

      Funny how the price inflates though.

      • Greg Popik says:

        I think the US price inflation reflects 922r compliance part requirements more than any other factor. That’s not entirely surprising.

        While an affordable, high quality LE6920 runs out the door at around $1500 /unit in my brothers home town in Texas, the identical gun landed here in Canada can run as high as $3000.00.

        Don’t you love government imposed fun taxes?

        As for design, I’ll let the pundits and platform fans debate those pros and cons to their hearts content. But the fact is that it is immensely inexpensive to feed with Czech surplus running somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 /1120 whereever you may hand your hat.

        Combined with the variety of platform modernization parts available, the question is no loner so much why, but why not?

  5. Lyle says:

    Why the gigantically high, space-elevator scope ring?

  6. David says:

    This is where that raising cheek piece in the stock would come in handy – mine is raised to allow the use of my red dot.

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