Production RMR30 carbine arrived

Anna doesn’t like heavy rifles. To her, even an AK clone is too heavy, so this little carbine is much more to her liking. Loaded with 30 rounds of 22wmr, it weighs 2.3kg (4.2lbs). The production version differs from the prototype in several details:

  • The non-reciprocating charging handles are larger and slightly concave, so the hand can’t slip off them
  • The stock has three positions for adjusting to shooters of different height
  • The rear sling swivels are now machined metal instead of shaped wire

The rest of this carbine is as it was before, which is great because the prototype was reliable, had a great trigger and excellent accuracy. It would be a great backpacking rifle for small game hunting or varminting…but my interest in almost any firearms is primarily defensive. 2.7g bullet at 610m/s (40gr at 2000fps) isn’t a great man-stopper, but it gives a fighting chance to those who cannot handle weapons of greater weight, bulk or recoil. This is the whole idea behind the PDW class of firearms. Most PDWs are submachine guns and unavailable to honest Americans, but RMR30 has most of the functionality in a very handy package. Commonality of magazines between RMR30 and PMR30 pistol is a bonus. Fit and finish are excellent.

(Background pattern is by Yascine)

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10 Responses to Production RMR30 carbine arrived

  1. perspicuity says:

    i will buy one the moment i can. hell, i might buy two and another pmr-30 for the safe :>

    check out federal game shock at 50 grains i think, and the new hornady critial defense, which looks QUITE punchy. 45 grain i think. nickel cases.

    also check out the offering, which uses PS-90 magazines, and of course, 5.7 rounds, and is designated a PDW. given i couldn’t get an RMR-30 yet, that was a good choice. the HK MP-7 which the RMR-30 is like? really can’t be had. zero recoil, zero muzzle rise. **50** rounds. weight? hah.

    as well, the PTR-32 is darn sexy :> also, accurate as heck; Hornady SST apparently is quite accurate out of the match barrel, 30 rounds, and has POWER too. little recoil. one can introduce a collapsing stock if one wants 🙂 one does.


    • Oleg Volk says:

      MP7 and RMR30 are similar in feel, but I like the control placement on RMR30 better. The AR15 upper in 5.7 is quite heavy and the rifle is quite a bit longer.

  2. perspicuity says:

    mmm, sounds good.

    i do like the AR5.7 a lot. stupid accurate. VERY fun. the piston design does make it longer, sadly. oh well 🙂 it was a good buy though.

    the rmr-30 invites KT to make 50 or larger mags too :> as well as a lot of optics options.

    do you know if they will come with magpul sights? that would be nifty.


    • Oleg Volk says:

      Not sure if sights will be included as the carbine isn’t for sale yet. I thought 5.7 upper was blowback…was I misinformed?

      • perspicuity says:

        mmm, yes, blowback is probably the better term. not a gas piston, but a bolt group with buffer/spring in the stock tube – i was conflating that as piston. my bad. the diagrams make it clear on their website.

        still, lots of fun coming soon 🙂


  3. perspicuity says:

    also, an email test. not sure if your system sends out email on responses, or the address i was using is bad… mmm…

    please reply to this one as a test. thanks.

  4. Turk says:

    Yet another piece I will not be able to own unless I move out of the Peoples Republic of New York…..(sigh)

  5. Fred says:

    Wouldn’t mind handling one. They should send me one for T&E.

  6. Sean says:

    “Production”? I will believe it when I see it on the rack at a gun store. I still haven’t seen 2 PMR’s. I have seen 1. And it was at the gun store, going back to Kel-Tec due to it falling apart. I assume I will never see a KSG.
    I love Kel-Tec’s ideas. Fabulous. It is just their actual building and delivering working guns is less than great.

  7. Timmeehh says:

    For those who think 22 mag is inadequate for defense.

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