RMR30 is very small

Keltec views RMR30 as a hunting and plinking carbine. It can be that, but I see it more as a home defense rifle for people who cannot hold up a heavy rifle or deal with much recoil. From a 16″ barrel, 22wmr works reasonably well. At ~2000fps 40 grain JHP penetrates 9″ in gelatin and expands to about .47″, while ball just makes a 20″ deep straight hole. Not as impressive as true rifle calibers but greatly superior to .22LR normally recommended for invalids. The lack of perceptible recoil means rapid followups from the 30-shot magazine. Weight is 4.2 lbs loaded (M1 carbine is 6.1 lbs).

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9 Responses to RMR30 is very small

  1. Rob Morse says:

    When did you get together with Chau?

  2. ExurbanKevin says:

    Got a change to fondle one at SHOT, and I was blown away just how small and light it was, and I agree: If you have doubts about controlling a pistol or the weight of a shotgun, this is gun for you.

    Heck, I want one as a PDW/car gun. It is a sexy, sexy little gun.

  3. Pyrotek85 says:

    That’s pretty slick, I wish more rifles/carbines had that sort of retractable stock. Doesn’t this take the PMR30 mags too?

  4. perspicuity says:

    i would worry that if someone can’t handle a light gun already, that i wouldn’t even want to risk someone pointing something like the rmr-30, because, seriously?

    on the flip side, it should make a fun trainer for little people i know, and other people “afraid” of heavy guns.

    me? give me an 8 lb battle rifle and i’m a happy boy (big bullets, less recoil)…

    but i’ll still buy two of these 🙂

    and consider a suppressor for the first time…


    • Totenglocke says:

      Heck, if you’re going the suppressor route, why not get the barrel chopped down and register it as an SBR? It would definitely look sexier…

  5. Lanius says:

    Sweet baby Cthulhu! :big eyes:

    What kind of head-shape is that?

  6. Timmeehh says:

    I’d like to see the RMR30 used to gel test Critical Defense, should do better than 9 inches.

  7. tad stratton says:

    Make a sbr out of it. Then it would look and work like the HK PDW.

  8. george h. armstrong says:

    Interesting toy.

    It would be a lot MORE interesting in something such as .25 Stevens RF.

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