History tells us that extraterritoriality has been the cause of many uprisings against foreigners, notably the Boxer Rebellion. De-facto immunity from the local laws currently afforded to non-Europeans in countries like Sweden, Germany and France are likely to cause a very nasty backlash. My best guess is that their rules are more afraid of giving their own populations any means of resistance than they are of being affected by the misbehavior of the uncivilized newcomers. The definition of “uncivilized” for the purpose of this discussion is “not deterred from harming other people by any means other than armed resistance or the anticipation thereof”, basically not playing well with others. It will be an interesting process to watch from a safe distance.

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6 Responses to Extraterritoriality

  1. BillCa says:

    I’ve noted a number of articles in European news outlets about people scrambling to buy guns in Belgium, joining shooting clubs in Sweden and Germany so they can qualify to buy a gun and the police in Germany saying that permit applications for tear-gas guns have virtually doubled overnight.

    Watching from across the Atlantic affords us time to learn from the EU’s mistakes. But for how long? With our current idiot-in-chief pushing for more immigrants – excuse me – “refugees” and leaving our borders open I will suggest that we have yet to hear the ticking of the time bomb underneath us.

    The UK’s Pat Condell has a few words that fit well in here.

  2. Jim R says:

    The elites who foisted this on Europe – with the initially very willing approval of their populaces – simply don’t want to admit that they made a mistake. “Our policies WILL work, dammit! We DO know best! Stop pointing out these little setbacks!!!!”

    It helps that they are terrified of “the right” gaining power, and this accounts in large part for western media’s complicity in covering up “these little setbacks”.

  3. emdfl says:

    Kinda like what’s been going on here for a while donchano. One law for them and another law for us.
    When enough of us figure it out, I ‘spect things to get ugly real fast. Them won’t be able to buy enough security when it gets to that point.

  4. LCB says:

    Not just foreigners…our own government has become “the other”. The way they take land from people out west just so they can say WE the FEDS own it…anyone from big government, all the way down to county and city governments, have become “the others”. How else to explain how so many sorry pieces of pooh keep getting re-elected year after year after year. The running joke in my area is the Former Speaker Bonher spent more time in Florida playing golf than he did either in Washington or SW Ohio. No wonder he and Obama got along so well. Oh…and I don’t think he had to pay for very many games. That’s what lobbyists are for after all…

  5. LCB says:

    Oh, and I want to be clear. I have no problem with anyone from anywhere in the world that is here legally. More power to them, cause that IS the American dream.

  6. Will says:

    I keep hearing about how many left over weapons from ww2 and the Soviet era are buried in the flower gardens throughout all of Europe. When those start getting dug up, things are going to get real sporty over there. I expect that when the citizens decide to fix the current political problem, shovels are going to be in short supply for a while. I don’t think it will be weapons they will be burying afterwards, though.

    Popcorn, anyone?

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