Two ways to improve a Sig P238

Sig P238 is one of my favorite compact pistols. It can be made even more useful and handy with the following additions: a laser for sighting on the move or in low light, and a set for grips for better control.

A laser, either the red CTC Laserguard shown here (activated by gripping) or greenĀ Viridian R5 (activated by unholstering). A set of checkered Hogue grips that seems to have found the sweet spot between grippy but not abrasive. The friend who owns this pistol used to have trouble controlling in on recoil — which puzzled me, as the recoil is minimal — and it turned out to be due to the vertical serration on the stock grips. Once the grips were upgraded, the retention and practical accuracy improved tremendously.

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2 Responses to Two ways to improve a Sig P238

  1. As always, interesting and informative.

  2. Ray says:

    Ok I get the grips. (big hands . small pistol) But why the Laser on a “belly gun”?

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