Frog Lube for French Resistance

Contrary to my original understanding of Europe, some countries there have a substantial amount of privately held guns. Unfortunately, very few of them permit defensive use. Even Switzerland has curtailed legal carry, leaving Czechia, Estonia, Lithuania, Moldova and possibly some of the ex-Yugoslav fragments as places where effective self-defense isn’t outright illegal.

With the rather exciting interactions between the locals and the recently imported criminals, I wonder how long it would take for the Maquis¬†to re-form and start going after the easy but culturally acceptable targets. Given the tendency of government agents to look out only for themselves and sometimes for the perpetrators of the violence, Europe isn’t looking so great just now. Of course, it’s probably affecting only some areas, but the blanket refusal of the various governments to recognize their citizens’ right to even minimal self-defense is going to worry everyone. And the last time this type of thing was a problem, Freikorps ended up cleaning up Bolsheviks and everyone unlucky enough to get caught up with them. There might not be as much of a power vacuum now as there was then, but people can get pretty inventive when properly ¬†motivated.

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13 Responses to Frog Lube for French Resistance

  1. Ray says:

    People in Europe have been so brainwashed by the “social engineers” that they and there respective governments have come to believe their own propaganda. They think that pacifist , multicultural and “civilized” are the actual nature of the northern European. The shock waves that the DEEPLY stupid actions of the EU have begun will carry on for generations. The seventy year period after WW2 is the longest peace Europe has ever known. That is all about to end.

  2. Vladimir says:

    I’m so happy as Czech Republic citizen. Thanks to our very good weapon law we still have chance…And I see very much people around to change their mind and starting process to get an weapon. Politically it looks like Visegrad 4 (Poland, Czech, Slovak, Hungary) will be block of last realistic countries in EU…

    • Fred says:

      Vladimir, Get lots of ammo. When you think you have enough, double it. Stay safe and God bless.

    • Art out West says:

      The Czech’s also manufacture some very fine firearms. I’ve got two VZ-82 pistols (9X18). Someday, I’d like to add a CZ-75, VZ-58, and CZ-527.

      Ironically, many of the formerly communist nations of Eastern Europe have greater firearm liberty (and other liberties as well) than the formerly “Free” nations of Western Europe.

    • Lyle says:

      Weapons are one thing, and an appreciation of the principles of human liberty are quite another. Ideally, one has both.

    • Art out West says:

      What do you think about Romania, Croatia, and Slovenia? They are all part of the EU. Are their leaders just as stupid as those in the West?

      • Vladimir says:

        I can’t say much about Romania and Slovenia, but I have many friends in Croatia and as their leaders are quite, peoples are very good prepared for everything. There is some weapon in every house, country is able to make enough food and peoples still remember war at 1991/95 and they know fighting for freedom. Leaders will must go with peoples, at the end…

  3. Art out West says:

    The politicians of Europe are playing a very dangerous game. I fear that it will likely lead to totalitarianism of one form or another. Scared, angry, and desperate people make bad decisions.

    • Paul Koning says:

      True, and I worry we are in the process of going there in the USA as well.

      • Art out West says:

        Without a doubt. I just get the feeling that it is far too late in the game for the UK, France, Germany, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Belgium, etc. Those cultures are too deeply damaged. They probably can’t turn around. They are almost certainly headed towards something like Stalinism, violent fascism, military dictatorship, chaos, or Sharia (maybe some kind of combination).

        I think the Eastern European countries can still turn things around (if Putin doesn’t steamroll them). A weakened EU and USA opens the door to that kind of aggression.

        The United States is probably somewhere in between. Looking at our popular presidential candidates troubles me greatly. What kind of lunatics are we to support them? Humanly speaking, I don’t have a lot of hope for this nation.

        Thankfully, my ultimate citizenship is in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Still, like Augustine of old, I grieve and mourn the death and loss of a great civilization. Though I am a citizen of the City of God, I still feel great sadness watching the City of Man burn down all around me.

        • Dave says:

          Huh? France, Germany, Scandinavia, the Netherlands all enjoy a higher standard of living and greater life expectancy than the, uh, “Unites States … probably somewhere between … I don’t have a lot of hope for this nation”? Delusional much?

  4. simon says:

    The big problem is that in most of europe the weapons are registered thus they are useless except in a large and quick uprising.

  5. Sad but true, as seen by the French Froglube distributor, yours truly – and I’ll steal that quote from you.

    BTW thank you for your inspiring pictures, I’ve been a fan since ca. 2008.

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