.22 Magnum snubbie

Lots of muzzle flash, lots of noise, not much recoil or muzzle rise. A reasonable defensive choice for people who can’t handle a heavy revolver or strong recoil. From a 2″ barrel, penetration with expansion is 11″, ~14.5″ with ball ammunition.



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8 Responses to .22 Magnum snubbie

  1. Dandapani says:

    Only 6 shot? They could have fit 8! Now that’s some serious firepower. 🙂

  2. Carl H. says:

    Anyone know what the trigger-pull is like? The ladies I’d steer towards a .22mag pistol have hands that maybe can’t pull a 26lb DA trigger.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Not sure how heavy it is, but I have no trouble keeping it on target. It stages nicely at the end of the pull. The issue with most DA revolvers isn’t so much the weight of the trigger as the reach required.

  3. Fluffka says:

    I bought a S&W 351PD .22WMR for my girlfriend. I really enjoy the little pistol, as does she. Single action is superb and double action, even with her small hands, is very smooth and predictable. It was an expensive revolver for what it is but I would rather have her comfortable shooting something she is confident with than something that causes her to recoil from the recoil. I bought her a S&W 642 and she hated it. Since adopting the .22WMR in this revolver I have since added a CZ 452FS (Mannlicher stock) and a Henry H001M in .22WMR. I love the .22 magnum.

    Based on Oleg’s endorsement of the Charter Arms products I may buy one soon to see how they measure up against the known quantity of the likes of S&W. Thanks for your great site Oleg.

    • Sean says:

      You had no problems with your 351PD? I know a few people who own them, and all of them have had problems with them. S&W fixed those problems, but it still scared me off. I have an old model 51 that I have had for a very long time that works just fine for me, but I want a 351pd too. My goddaughter wants my 51. I told her when she graduates from college, I will get her one. Of course, I also promised my godson a Garrand.

  4. BLADE says:

    I too bought mom a 351PD in place of the .38 due to recoil issues. No problems thru a 100 rounds. She likes the recoil or lack there of. Need to get my hands on the Charter Arms version for sure, now if only Ruger would come out with a new model Bearcat convertable, now that would be fun.

  5. Noah Vaile says:

    Do these have a lock on the action like so many other new S&W revolvers do?

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