Birds of Las Vegas

Both photos were taken with 135/2, so the birds were pretty tame.

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4 Responses to Birds of Las Vegas

  1. perspicuity says:

    both of those guys look like they are up to no good 🙂

  2. The shady character in the top photo reminds me of the birds hanging around the outdoor patio at the McDonald’s by Harrah’s. It’s good place to get a cheap drink on the Strip but several of these guys and some smaller birds were eyeing me when I went in and started following me when I left. There were some people actually eating at the outdoor tables…I’m not sure I’d trust the air rats hanging around to not try grabbing a snack!

  3. Lanius says:

    The pigeon looks very smug… (wondering), as a pigeon that just ate what? Someone’s last piece of particularily delicious popcorn?

  4. Roger says:

    The mystery bird is a great-tailed grackle. This one is looking rather scruffy or maybe just puffed out and about to call. Their “song” is a random bit of clicks, screeches, and other odd noises. They are rather amusing if somewhat odd birds.

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