A friend’s rifle

YHM .308 suppressor on a .223 rifle with quick-detachable barrel (since he doesn’t own a .223 can yet), Magpul BUIS, stock and Ranger plate. Normally, he uses a CCA light foregrip, but I replaced it with Viridian C5 for my needs. 1.5x ACOG is the primary sight. To my mind, this rifle would be a great candidate for a 300BLK barrel as it would make better use of the .30 caliber suppressor without much increasing the recoil. The rifle would be a lot quieter that way and throw twice as much lead per shot.

The same rifle without the suppressor.

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3 Responses to A friend’s rifle

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  2. AK™ says:

    Looks sexy.

  3. GuY says:

    Your iron sights are on backwards man. Top picture.

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