Brown Bess, the movie

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8 Responses to Brown Bess, the movie

  1. Greg Livshutz says:

    nice movie. I’ll showing it to my son. He will love it.

  2. Greg Livshutz says:

    nice movie

  3. Robert says:

    Thank you. Excellent video.
    Next up: loading and firing a Baker rifle…?

  4. Zengunfigher says:

    Nice! The British army kicked butt with that musket. Mostly because they drilled hard. They could fire 4 shots a minute to the French’s 3.
    Starting with a loaded gun, they could actually get off 5 shots in one minute.
    One trick was to not use the paper wadding. put the ball down the barrel, smack the butt on the ground hard to seat the ball, then fire.
    Bernard Cornwell’s ‘Sharpe’ series goes into this as well as other tactics and strategy of European warfare from the 18-19 centuries.

  5. Dantheserene says:

    Well presented. I imagine most of your readers are familiar with the basics, but it’s interesting to watch it up close.
    I found myself thinking that the only thing worse than getting stabbed by that bayonet is getting stabbed with it while it’s covered in fouling. If you’re lucky, you’ll die fairly quickly. I hadn’t considered that before seeing this presentation.

  6. Alan Fisher says:

    A good primer for our Appleseed bretheren! Nicely done.

  7. Bezon Oleg,
    Yet another fine job! well done lad, well done!
    I hope to see you down the “Trail” someday.
    Please thank the fine gentlemen, from the opposing army for a wonderful presentation. And I shall with do diligence not use my advantage of the “aim” command, to rain down death upon him.(serious) fine job. both of you.

    wohdoh nah
    Your most humble and obedient servant

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