Why bother inventing new calibers? New on CTD

Read A case for the new cartridge.

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4 Responses to Why bother inventing new calibers? New on CTD

  1. Lyle says:

    Good one. Noce job and good information.

  2. Why bother inventing new calibers?

    Because you can?

  3. The variants on the 30.06 case are a prime example of *WHY* to invent new loads. I still prefer a .270 Winchester over its lauded, historic predecessor, the ‘.06. I have a friend who swears by his .35 Whelen as an elk stopper. However, the Whelen has never gained the popularity of the .270. Might have to thank Jack O’Connor’s long years as the premier outdoor writer and his love of the .270 calibre for its continued success. Out here in the open environs of the great plains and Rocky Mountains, the .270 is a solid, flat shooting round to take everything from pronghorn, bighorn, mountain goats muley’s and whitetail deer to big ol’ elk. I also have friends who love to hunt varmints and smaller big game with the .25-o6. Some wildcatters have even experimented with a .22-06 variant. However…with little success!!!

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