A girl and her dog


You’ve seen Natasha and Humphrey kissing before, now more about them.

Humphrey is a pretty cool dog.

Natasha is pretty cool herself, and incredibly fit…

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3 Responses to A girl and her dog

  1. revjen45 says:

    Yup, that is one beautiful lady.

  2. Raylan says:

    She is stunning! Also, I’ve always felt your photos to have a very natural/low manipulation feel to them, so I had to say that in my opinion in her case you struck lighting & contrast gold second to last photo with her, even with the dog as focus point. Her face has a wonderfull glow, and her hair has a good amount of range/shine (compared even immediately with the photo above it where her bangs/forehead have less contrast feel), she really “pops”. Would love to see you continue with the setup/arrangement utilized in that particular shoot again if those differences are practical vs digital. At least with her, the glamorous/commercial key lighting look really works.

    Did I mention she is stunning?

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