Tender is the kiss

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10 Responses to Tender is the kiss

  1. David says:

    Gee……..I wonder what else a dog licks.

  2. TheRon says:

    There is no need to wonder what else the dog licks

  3. David says:

    People just don’t think or don’t care about dogs licking their privates and then letting the dog lick their faces or whatever. Filthy. I sure would not want to kiss that woman. She would have to use a heap of Listerine and bleach.

  4. John Davies says:

    Gross, not endearing. It’s a really stupid thing to do; the dog can’t be blamed, but the lady is an idiot. Most people teach their children that this is not good.

  5. Kevin Menard says:

    Y’all are germphobic. The dogs mouth is probably cleaner than most humans. At least the bites get infected less…

    I think it’s adorable

    • John Davies says:

      Kevin, you need to do a little research. I will give you a head start. … https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=how+clean+is+a+dogs+mouth

      Not only does the bacteria in a dog’s mouth cause periodontal disease in humans, it can transmit other nasty organisms like giardia, worms, or whatever pathogens or diseases were in that piece of rotting food he gobbled up on his last visit outside.

      “Adorable” it is not.

      • Clive says:

        What is worse is that the canine tapeworm can be lethal to humans. Apparently the canine tapeworm becomes confused when entering the human body, and can inadvertently migrate to the brain, resulting in death.

        Yes, dogs often have tapeworms, and they lick their butts and eat their own poop. Never let your dog lick your face.

    • David says:

      Germaphobic, I don’t think so. Adorable, I don’t think that the lady in this article would think so, IF she were alive.

      “Woman Who Contracted Bacterial Infection Caused By Dog’s Saliva Dies”

  6. revjen45 says:


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