New carry book on the way

The Carry Book | Minnesota Edition

The Carry Book | Minnesota Edition

I supplied the cover design and most over the inside illustrations.

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  1. vvova says:

    а в минесоте какая то особая специфика?

  2. Clarke says:

    Expensive cover price! Sell more by lowering the book price – I would hesitate to buy at the cover price!

    • It will be available at a discount at, and in very serious discounts in quantity — I’m expecting that a fair number of Minnesota instructors are going to be using it in their classes. Two have already placed orders for the customized version of the book — the back cover will promote their products and services, although the content will be identical otherwise.

  3. "lee n. field" says:

    Maybe soon they’re will be an Illinois edition, eh?

  4. Barry Smith says:

    Oleg, where can I purchase Joel’s book locally?

    • Right now, you can’t; the only thing available is the ARC (Advance Reader’s Copy), and I’ve only printed one of those. That said, I’m going to press tonight, and I think it’s safe to predict that it will be carried at Burnsville Pistol Range and Gun Stop. (In fact, I am probably doing a customized version for Gun Stop — same text, but the back cover will be an ad for them.)

      All of Oleg’s readers — and lots of other people — are invited to attend the Book Release Party on March 21, in Chanhassen If you’re interested, please “friend” me on Facebook or email me at, and I’ll send you the details. (It’s a Defense Fund fundraiser as well, and we’re certainly going to hit you up for money . . . but we’re not going to spend a lot of time on that.) Books will be available at the Fundraiser, at a discount, btw. As well as snacks, drinks, music and other entertainment.

      And if anybody knows a bookstore or gun shop that would like me to do a signing, please feel free to share my email and/or phone number — 612 293 JOEL/5635.

  5. Copperhead says:


    What brand of cartridge is that? I don’t think I have even seen that color of coating on a casing before.

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