“Tipping Point” by Frank Clarke is out in print

I recommend Tipping Point — it’s a well-written, engaging and sometimes humorous “what if” political speculation.

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8 Responses to “Tipping Point” by Frank Clarke is out in print

  1. VivianC says:

    Any chance of getting this in an e-reader format? I have a Kindle but I can convert anything unprotected. I understand there are some issues with the Kindle terms that make some authors avoid them.

    • VivianC says:

      Nevermind. I didn’t see it when I search author or title but I found it when I searched with both. On the way to my Kindle now.

  2. Boyd says:

    Link? -Looking- at the author house page if I search there for
    Tipping Point, Frank Clarke
    I actually get result not found… searching google for
    “Tipping Point” “Frank Clarke”
    gets me a bunch of linked in stuff on him, the authorhouse page and “other”. I’d like to own this electronically on my PC if that’s possible. boyd at seanet doht com

  3. mp5FanBoy says:

    I suspect that Malcolm Gladwell will not be too thrilled with the re-use of the title…

  4. Clarke says:

    Interesting read. More than a little far out there at times – which prevented the suspension of belief and got in the way – but an up-beat approach and ending. Thanks for the referral.

  5. frank clarke says:

    See tinyurl.com/TipgPt .

    Oddly, the e-book version is not available via AuthorHouse (yet) and I have raised the issue with them.

    MP5FanBoy should not be concerned about the title. Titles cannot be copyrighted; I could have called this “Gone With The Wind” and been perfectly safe. Beyond that, the concept of ‘a tipping point’ is neither new nor original with Gladwell, so he is unlikely to complain 😉

  6. frank clarke says:

    The Author House website now has the ebook version — at last!

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