New on CTD: Arguing Semantics

Tips on debating anti-gunners are up on CTD blog.

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  1. Jason Roberts says:

    When talking to anti gunners I assert that armed self defense is a fundamental right. I also remind them that good gun owners vastly outnumber criminals, so disarming the good guys is only beneficial to the criminals. Also I point out that gun control/prohibition doesn’t work.

    This sometimes leads to them comparing the U.S. to Europe. If they are logical enough the following explanation might work although it is not PC and offends PC thugs. Compared to Europe the U.S. has a larger racial underclass that commits murder at a much higher than average rate. This is due I think to the powerful criminal subcultures within the ghettos where many murders take place. So our higher rate of murder is due to cultural differences, and not because we lack strict gun laws.

  2. Y. says:

    Very good post.
    Sometimes, restating the not-so-obvious is important.

    Concerning blacks, I’ve read an article that suggests they are more likely to possess a deficiency where abstract thinking is concerned, so they are less likely to be able to comprehend morality.

    Warning: massively racist.

    Also, another interesting finding is that evolution of homo sapiens is not a ‘tree’.
    It’s more like a bush. Nearly all humans are hybrids of homo sapiens as it arose in Africa with other subspecies.

    Nearly all Euro-asians have neanderthals in their family tree. Neanderthals lacked social skills, they lived in small groups and apparently did not trade much.

    Furthermore, evolution is mostly driven by the enviroment. Sub-saharan Africa is a timeless one, it’s always been roughly the same.

    It’s arguable that the necessity of surviving in a more changeable and less hospitable enviroment of Eurasia caused an evolutionary ‘pressure’ towards higher intelligence and superior planning abilities.

    There is no reason for average intelligence to be equal in all populations of men. The dawn of civilization introduced new evolutionary pressures and likely speeded up the whole process.

    After all, who is more likely to survive and spread: the tribesmen, or members of an organised, society?

    Which society is more likely to get aggressive, impulsive people killed? The one with a strict hierarchy, a code of law and such, or a tribal one?

  3. Kristopher says:

    All of my firearms are weapons. I am not some mewling and compromising Fudd.

    When dealing with an anti, the proper response should be:

    “Fuck you, that’s why. If I had my way, you would be required to get a permit to not carry a weapon.”

  4. Brian says:

    While “because, fuck you” works on internet forums, I find it to further the “gun owners are undedicated, socially aggressive fools” stereotype that the left loves so much.

  5. Wildman7316 says:

    For the type that objects to “weapons”, I generally ask them to name me an object that CANNOT be used as a weapon. I, personally, am STILL trying to come up with one after it was demonstrated to me how to turn a sheet of paper into a lethal object.

    • Cargosquid says:


      • Wildman7316 says:

        Up to WHAT velocity?

        As a lark, I and a few friends stuffed several mini-marshmallows into an empty 12 gauge shot shell and fired it at target on a cardboard backer. Missed the target, but SOMETHING, and NOT the shot cup, we found it, went through the cardboard backer.

        You want to try again?

  6. Kristopher says:

    Brian: I am past caring at this point.

    They will continue to push the “cousin-humping redneck” meme regardless.

    We are winning. We need to not be making any concessions.

  7. Skip says:

    Because life.

  8. george h. armstrong says:

    Here in Canada we have lost very battle since 1934, apart from one: the Government gave up trying to register long guns during WW2 when only a third of owners complied.

    A long-gun registry was implemented by force, over the objections of nearly every gun owner in the country, in 2001.

    Finally, people got fed up with the lying Liberals (who are actually more than a bit Red) and elected a new PM, Stephen Harper, with his Conservative Party. Almost 3 months ago, Harper KEPT a campaign promise and got rid of the Registry. NONE of the disaster-epic scenes predicted by the hoplophobes have come to pass.

    Now, we are looking at the 40-odd US States which have implemented CCW laws and have had immediate drops in their crime rates.

    We are aiming high, but we’re on a roll!

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