A shotgun named Vera

In shotgun we trust? (“Vera” means “faith” in Russian.)

Made by Coal Creek Armory.

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13 Responses to A shotgun named Vera

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  2. Rivrdog says:

    Any idea how much speed you lose on the shot charge with only an 8″ barrel? I’ve been led to believe that the point where the charge completely burns is at the end of a 24″ barrel, and on that advice, I had my hunting shotgun cut down to that length. I note that “turkey guns” are now offered in a 24″ length barrel.

    • TL671 says:

      The rate at which powder burns has far to many variables to say conclusively say that it will or will not burn completely in any given barrel length. The type of powder used, the weight of the shot charge it is pushing, the condition of the powder from storage and environmental conditions, just to name a few. granted, it most likely is not getting burned up in 8″, regardless of any of these factors, but to say that it burns completely in a certain length of barrel, is something no one can say with any certainty.

      • Y. says:

        Previous post shows it doesn’t burn up in the 8 inch barrel.

        AFAIK there are programs for handloaders that can give you an idea of how long a barrel you need to burn up powder of given size and amount..

    • Linoge says:

      Per this data, barrel length has a strange effect upon muzzle velocity. Per other sources, 8″ barrels seem to lose about 300fps off 18″ barrels.

      Either way, would not want to catch a load coming out of one.

  3. Mike in FL says:

    I think your correct that most factory loaded shells will deplete the powder in 24 inches. You can reload shells with powders that are depleted faster for shorter barrels. I reload a fast burning powder and near the min listed loading for a more hearing safe small game load. Less of a deafening roar and more like a loud POP!

  4. skav1k says:

    Yes, I reviewed FireFly recently… 🙂

  5. Luke says:

    I’ll be in my bunk…

  6. PT says:

    Adam Baldwin played an awesome character.

  7. Henry Bowman says:

    Still a better love story than “Twilight.”

  8. Beaumont says:

    I’d love to see CCA put an MHI logo on them.

    • Linoge says:

      I am pretty sure they would be willing to put whatever you wanted on them, but in this particular case, that might be mixing our metaphors a bit much. 😉

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