Little girl’s first day at the range

This girl and her mother were both afraid of guns. Her mother went just to learn how to unload them…ended up getting a taste for shooting, while her daughter turned into a full-bore gun nut at age eight. She started by breaking clays on the berm at 12 yards and finished by doing the same at 25. For maximum shooter comfort, we used CCI Quiet .22 ammo with the Crickett and CCI Mini-mags with the SU22.

Keltec SU22 with AAC Prodigy suppressor | Crickett

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13 Responses to Little girl’s first day at the range

  1. Jason says:

    My 8yo is the same with the Crickett. I’m prouder than words. We need to keep the next generation going when it comes to 2A and it’s responsibility.

  2. Rich D says:

    This is great. Now mom needs to continually reinforce safety for her little girl. I think they will forever have something fun to do together!

  3. jeremy says:

    The best way to unload is the trigger

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  5. Oleg, what is that nifty little sight on top of the Crickett? I’m thinking that’s a better idea for optics on my daughter’s Crickett than a scope. I want to wait on scope training, and that little thing just might be the way to go.

  6. Dirk says:

    Look at that big ol’ grin on her face in that bottom picture.

  7. KCSteve says:

    I love selling Cricketts! I always explain about what I call the ‘Idiot Friend’ button (also known as the ‘Mom can’t complain’ button) – the bolt blocker lock. You can clearly see it sticking down in front of the trigger guard. Press it in with your finger and it’s no longer a gun, it’s a fancy stick because you can’t close the bolt.

    That – and the fact that it’s a single shot – means you don’t have to worry about anyone – your child or one of their friends – using it when they aren’t supposed to.

  8. jparcjr says:

    I remember the first time I went to the range with my dad and grandpa when I was about 9 years old, I enjoyed it from that first experience. That year I got my first rifle for Christmas a Crossman Backpaker 1389 air rifle. This little girl will remember this experience for the rest of here life and it will be a memory that she will share with her own kids when she’s older.

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