Security measures merely move terrorist events…

…to the check-in site:  Volgograd, Russia gets an explosion right in the crowd at the metal detector. In short, even if successful, security measures save trains or aircraft from damage, not passengers.

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6 Responses to Security measures merely move terrorist events…

  1. LarryArnold says:

    “See? Russia has reasonable gun control, so there was no gun crime committed. Now don’t you feel safer?”

  2. drone says:

    I was in Moscow when the metro bombings happened in March 2010. My hosts asked me if I wanted to head down to Lubyanka to take photos. They weren’t joking. Taxi prices tripled there and then. These bombings seem to have no effect on the cynical stoical Russians beyond those directly affected by the blast.

  3. HeavenlyFeel says:

    What are your recommendations for an more effective countermeasure?

    • Kristopher says:

      What religious sect do all of the terrorists have in common?

      ( note: The “Enlightenment” was imposed on Christianity by secular rulers who were sick and tired of religious violence. Islam needs the same treatment. )

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