Any Canon 70D users in Nashville?

I am considering adding a 70D to my 5Dmk2 as a more video and action oriented body. However, I’d like to try it for a day before buying.

I just tried a friend’s Nikon D700 and the user interface improvement (and apparent build quality) over Canon bodies is considerable. But I can’t justify the massive expense of switching brands — too many specialized lenses to replace.

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  1. Gewehr98 says:

    That’s the same reason I haven’t made any movements towards the Canon camp – I’m too heavily invested in Nikon lenses. The D700’s prices are dropping, though. The arrival of the D800, D600, and D610 are driving that. Now if they’d just hurry up and release the D400. (I’ve already sent my D300 in once for routine maintenance since the delay of its successor…)

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