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Photos from range day with Faxon

I promised photos. The gun runs at about 700rpm and remains controllable. Trigger is good enough for squeezing off single rounds in auto mode, though we shot 2-4rd bursts most of the time. Beta testing showed full compatibility. And, of … Continue reading

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Nice thing about bullpups

The fit, in ready to use mode, containers in which nobody would expect a long gun. Very handy when a conventional long gun case would attract too much attention. In this case, a KSG and 40 Brenneke slugs (15 internally) … Continue reading

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Little Red

Could you guess her age from the photo?

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Light rifles and heavy

This rifle combines a GWACS Armory polymer lower and a Head Down upper. It is very light, and has little recoil — so little 13 year old Grace could get away with this shooting position. She was pinging a small … Continue reading

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And a touch of steel

The same model, a little more purposeful.

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A touch of lace

From a test shoot with a new model.

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Had much fun today

My IP lawyer Glenn and I went shooting with Bob Faxon and his friends. (Photos by Bob Faxon) Long-stroke piston rifles were very controllable even at 700rpm. I ended up wearing one pair of gloves over another and still froze. … Continue reading

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Jewelry for guns

People buy jewelry for others to make them feel better and happier. Often, jewelry indicates commitment. Replacement triggers are similar to that: they are small, somewhat expensive and make your interaction with the gun more pleasant. Apex trigger for Smith&Wesson … Continue reading

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Her goblin-cleaver…

…is chambered in .35Remington.

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Improving the PSL

PSL aka Romak3 is a 7.62x54R AK clone. It’s a Comblock designated marksman rifle popular in the US mainly because it is far more affordable than the Soviet SVD. It usually comes with either just iron sights or a truly … Continue reading

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37mm standing in 40mm

Another reason for TWS forend: installing 37/40mm launchers. My experience with this handguard on the .308 Vepr has been positive.

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Quite possibly the best deal in fixed-magnification AR optics

This optic is designed for AR15 but works on AK with a receiver rail and cheek riser as well — or you can take off the mount and use lowerrings. Prismatic scope with BDC reticle has magnification of 2.5x and … Continue reading

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Alley sweeping

Saiga 12 with TWS rail cover and Primary Arms red dot.

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Short, handy, reliable enough for 3-gun competition

PLR16 pistol with SU16 rifle stock. Registered as a short-barreled rifle. Vortex red dot, Magpul furniture and Red Lion Precision forend complete it.

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A cute puppy or a semi-autonomous bioweapon?

That yearling puppy was one of the cutest and most friendly dogs I’ve ever encountered.

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Roman Cane Corso puppy

This puppy is one year old. He weighs 120 pounds. He’s extremely protective of his humans. Between the puppy, the giraffe and the four year old daughter, they have a full menagerie!

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H&K kind of girl

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Nighthawk 1911

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In Orlando

(Photo by Robb Allen)

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