Nice thing about bullpups

The fit, in ready to use mode, containers in which nobody would expect a long gun. Very handy when a conventional long gun case would attract too much attention. In this case, a KSG and 40 Brenneke slugs (15 internally) fit easily.  In fact, 20 more could fit on a second layer.

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10 Responses to Nice thing about bullpups

  1. John Thomas says:

    Those Kel-Tec KSG’s are nice shotguns. Every FFL firearms dealer in the greater Phoenix area has about a 100 count list of people waiting for one of those.
    Same thing with their PMR-30.
    I’ve been waiting on one of those since 2009.
    Lucky for me I bought a bunch of magazines ahead of time so I’d have them when I get my pistol.
    Be nice to be able to carry close to 500 rounds while walking the streets.
    Better to have all that ammo and never need it, than need it and not have it.
    Great photo Oleg!

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Strange. Around here, most retail stores have both KSGs and PMR30s on the shelves.

      • Brian Smith says:

        I would like the numbers of the retailers in your area! I’m an FFL and I can’t get a sniff of one!

        • Oleg Volk says:

          I do know that Keltec is backordered extensively with distributors, but I also saw hundreds of KSGs at the factory two weeks ago awaiting test firing. They are being made and in rather large numbers.

  2. divemedic says:

    I live less than 30 miles from the factory, and I have never seen one in the wild.

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  4. John E Davies says:

    The SU16 Charlie fits beautifully into a tennis bag, along with a racquet and four+ 30 round mags. The racquet is optional….

    John E Davies
    Spokane WA USA

  5. Lyle says:

    A standard AK (magazine removed) fits in a trombone case, with several magazines. A guitar case will hold most full sized rifles plus extra ammo and accessories. A Street Sweeper with 12″ barrel will fit in a standard, rectangular alto sax case. Two full sized pistols with magazines, extra ammo and accessories will fit in a modified double clarinet case (looks like a laptop case or an attach√©) and of course a single pistol fits a modified single clarinet case. I suppose a cello case could hold quite a lot, if you could handle the weight.

  6. Firehand says:

    Ran across a guy a while back who used one of the soft padded guitar cases to carry his AR. Add some velcro straps to hold mags, that’d work nicely; and in the back seat it’d be flat enough to look empty.

  7. bob says:

    I’m a dealer here in TX and I can’t get rid of either the damned KSG or the PMR.
    All I can say is THANK GOD for Gunbroker.

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