The main reason for Sub2000 carbine

The main reason behind Sub2000 is the extended aimed range it offers while retaining compatibility with common carry pistols and compact enough storage dimensions to fit most briefcases. Effective aimed range with most pistols is under 15m, while a pistol caliber carbine with iron sights is good out to about 50, and further with a low-power optic.

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  1. ReManG says:

    I have to agree with you about the SUB2000, the performance gain from having a carbine available fully justifies its purchase. Folded it is just over twice as long as a full sized pistol, and half again taller, unfolded it extends the range of the same cartridge by at least a factor of three. The ballistics are improved, and the ability to make rapid hits, even at handgun distances is not impaired, but the range for the accurate hits is also increased. The ability to direct aim with both hands, even without supporting the stock on your shoulder, increases hits on target. If you look to paintball, where they have a smooth bore, firing a ball with liquid centers, they use two hands and minimal sights to hit when point shooting. Not a direct comparison, but having two hands on a carbine does aid your point shooting. I feel the SUB2000 is as close to ideal as an overall package for a pistol caliber carbine for what we have available in the market right now, if only they were built in more volume….. If all i had were a pistol, one of these would be purchased before anything else, except ammo….

  2. Caleb says:

    “Effective aimed range of most pistols is under 15m”

    What? If you can’t get hits on a torso sized target out to 25 yards with a pistol, you don’t need a carbine, you need to practice more.

    • ReManG says:

      Having a carbine would help you hit at 25-50m with less practice (and ammunition expended) than you would have to do with a pistol. I agree you should be able to hit at 25m with a pistol, but we all have different levels of skill, if for whatever reason, you could only hit at 15m with a pistol, this would be a good choice for increasing your range….

      I would like to mount something like this to a SUB2000: and see how I do with it.

    • LarryArnold says:

      There’s a difference between getting hits on a torso-sized target and effective range under fire.

      In handgun silhouette I can get hits on a smaller target at 100m, but that doesn’t mean I’ll pass up a rifle.

  3. Rob L says:

    My experience is that hits at 100 yards plus are quite easy even for pre teens small stature’d women with factory sights….Multiple repeat hits on 33 gal drums at 100 plus yards. We use these for in vehicle storage and travel long guns. mag/ammo compatibility with handguns a big

  4. sean says:

    Is it legal to carry a rifle in that way?

  5. Tierlieb says:

    My only two issues would be that, one, the way the SUB2000 folds, it cannot have a reddot sight ready and b) that you should have gotten that young man a fitting suit jacket and fixed his tie.

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