New edits of old photos.

Back in 2009, I edited one image from a shoot because its strangeness appealed to me.

This week, I edited two more conventional photos because I learned more about editing and could do a better job than before. Photos like these are an interesting time capsule. How does the model look today, eight years later?

Starting from a color digital file, I could do precise color to B&W conversion, edit tone curves extensively, do a lot that would have been nearly impossible in the conventional darkroom. Some geniuses, like Misha Gordin, can do miracles with enlargers. I prefer the crutch of Photoshop. And a philosophical comic strip addressing nudity.

My Facebook link to this post was removed. Curious to see if the reference to the famous statue would also get removed.


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2 Responses to New edits of old photos.

  1. Archangel says:

    I think they look really great.

  2. Paul Koning says:

    I’ve done a bit of B/W conversion, mostly to mess with curves and gamma settings to try to get grayscale images that look decent on a B&N Nook. For this and many other things, the book “Professional Photoshop” by Dan Margulis is amazing. He has vast amounts of material about color correction, including ways to salvage images that at first glance seem to be totally beyond hope. A lot of magic is based on the Lab color model, which lets you easily do things that in RGB or CMYK are nearly impossible. He has a whole chapter on B/W conversion and the many ways to adjust that, depending on what the original color photo gives you. Highly recommended.

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