A parent’s duty to safeguard her child doesn’t stop at birth.

(Four years ago.)

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8 Responses to Bodyguard.

  1. Jay Travis says:

    Now That’s a really cool set of photos. Wait a little while longer and have her teaching her child how to safely handle a firearm as well, and make it into a set?

  2. Rocky Crites says:

    I agree with what Jay Travis said! This is an EXCELLENT pair of photos!! Add another about gun saftey for a young girl, then a “first lesson” pic learning to shoot. Please!!

  3. htom trites says:

    Excellent, both photos and plan.

  4. LarryA says:

    Excellent illustration of “Why people carry different ways.” She went from right hip to appendix after she could find it again, and now she can carry her daughter on her hip.

  5. Rob Morse says:

    Thank you..both.

  6. Lyle says:

    Good one!

  7. Rem870 says:

    Oleg, awesome photos, really like them.

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