Keystone 722 Varmint first shots

This rifle is incredible. At 25 yards, all shots with CCI Green Tag or Aguila match land on top of each other with minimal effort on my part. I did upgrade the scope to get adjustable parallax at 25. Typically, I disdain 1″ tubes, but this 6-24x Weaver¬†on low Warne rings is as spectacular as the rifle. Clear, with great eye box and clean, sharp reticle. Of the three models (Sporter, Classic, Varmint), the Varmint is the one to get. Great balance, superb barrel.

Photos of the targets and the rifle with the new scope coming soon. The picture above shows bundled 3-9x Simmons optic, decent but less luxurious and on higher rings than the Weaver.


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