Getting ready to use hasty sling for support

CZ452 Military Trainer.

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10 Responses to Getting ready to use hasty sling for support

  1. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    I like CZ and REALLY like their parent Brnos (the #1 sporter is a finely balanced rifle I’ve ever held), but the price – Yow! 10 years ago, CZs were about 1/2 the cost they are today. Still, a very good bargain real steel and wood, with very little synthetic parts – I like that.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      So the price hasn’t changed at all. The worth of the dollar dropped by about 50% in the meantime. Welcome to inflation!

  2. Pa State Cop says:

    She looks “Focused”. Want to pick up one of those.

  3. .45ACP+P says:

    452 was my path to Rifleman. My barrel was shorter, though, 452FS. They are great shooters.

  4. Frank Stratton says:

    I’ve had that rifle in my hands and it is one of the few new rifles I really liked. The barrel is longer than other rimfire sporters I’ve shot. That just adds to the elegance. Also it gives me a good sight radius while moving the rear out to where I can see it with my old eyes. It reminds me of the pre-war commercial mausers I’ve handled.

  5. Stephen Lee says:

    I have the same model rifle, and really like it. The fit & finish are very nice, not to mention the accuracy.

    I’ve seriously thought about attending an Appleseed event, but had read that bolt-action rifles are discouraged because the Appleseed course requires a fast rate of fire to finish in the allotted time. I’m not that familiar with Appleseed, so could someone please clarify this?

    • Oleg Volk says:

      I shot it with a 10-22, an AR15-22 and a Mossberg 144 bolt action. Got the highest score with the bolt action.

    • .45ACP+P says:

      Bolties require a bit more from the shooter than a semi-auto. If you know your rifle, it should not be a problem. The original source for the Appleseed course of fire is the 1903 Springfield which had no box magazine and a bolt action. The CZs are well suited to the course of fire since they have good magazines and you do not have to break your position to cycle the bolt. It will not hit your nose since the “throw” is short. Even if you do not score “Rifleman” your shooting should improve and your appreciation for American History will increase. Come on out!

  6. Barbie says:

    You will be fine with a bolt action rifle. While it requires a little more from the shooter, especially during timed stages of an aqt, it will force you to focus on the basics, acquiring natural point of aim, etc. After scoring rifleman on a semi-auto, I moved to trying it on a bolty, and it’s very much possible. Many a rifleman have been produced from bolt actions… the next could be you! Come on out!

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