Smoking hot

1928 Auto Ordnance Thompson.

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6 Responses to Smoking hot

  1. Brian L says:

    I like the Twenties-style hat.

    Notice how her arm muscles stand out from holding the heavy bastard up. I have a 1927 A-1 LW, and just picking it up and shooting 30 or 50 rounds from it gives me added respect for WWII veterans.

  2. Peter O says:

    Nice, but her face just looks too passive to me. The eyes aren’t focused where the barrel is, and she doesn’t look like she just fired at something.

    The best I can think of is she looks like someone whose only use for a thompson is to cut down trees. She’s just fired a burst and is waiting to see if it falls.

    • Lyle says:

      The barrel is pointed in an upward angle, so your perception depends on where you imagine the target to be. Maybe she’s looking uphill on a San Fransisco street, or at the second story balcony where a gangster sniper stood a moment ago.

  3. Disthunder says:

    So, you either got a new 1928 (that’s a SBR), or you chopped one, because that looks a lot handier than the one on your previous (and very hot) pictures!

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