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MA15 and LH9mk2

Ben is carrying MA15, Vortex 4-16x and an offset Razor red dot. LH9mk2 stays close to his side with a G-Code paddle holster. Same rifle with Vortex 1-4x and a +18 magazine extension. Slap backup sights on it and it … Continue reading

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My favorite stock SU16

I have two SU16E variants, both modified rather extensively. But the original concept of SU16 was the “light rifle”, simple and compact. Enter the new version of SU16A — the same long-stroke piston, 18.5″ barrel for high muzzle velocity and … Continue reading

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By the sweat of his brow

Just got back from a photo shoot. The day was hot and humid, so the model’s face had to be wiped dry of the sweat every few minutes.

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MMC Tactical 16″ rifle

Today, I started taking photos for MMC Armory. Their Tactical model is shown here with a 50rd X15 drum and 1-4x Vortex scope. Upgraded parts include polished fire control components, strengthened barrel profile, nickel boron treated bolt barrier group.

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Book with my cover art: Knowing Guns

Stu Chisholm just came out with a well-written book for which I supplied the cover art. You can buy it directly. It will be available on Amazon and Amazon Europe in 5 – 7 days. He is also preparing the … Continue reading

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Let me play you the song of my people

Lauren is a professional classical musician. She plays a two hundred year old fiddle. She is very good. While she’s a trained martial artist, she’d rather not fight with bare hands. An injury would damage or end her career. Fortunately, … Continue reading

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What’s a little rain and hail to a free spirit?

One of the recent visitors took advantage of the inclement weather. The rain warmed up in the end but it started out with hail. The volume of precipitation was hard enough to darken the skies perceptibly, all the way down … Continue reading

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Photo backdrops need. Where to get them?

I am looking for several sheets, preferably 4ftx6ft: black acrylic galvanized metal dark, weathered wood or plywood I need to have them ASAP, no later than Wednesday evening. Not sure where to look for these items, my inquiry at the … Continue reading

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New revolver

A new revolver arrived recently, along with a very impressive rig from El Paso Saddlery. The new gun is for fun and practice, and comes as a pair with a longer-barreled target counterpart. One major argument for the single action … Continue reading

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More computer problems. (Update) FIXED.

I had my computer re-built and upgraded — new motherboard, processor, case, fans…and it ran great for a little over a week. My house line got improved and I have a dedicated 20amp circuit just for the computer and the … Continue reading

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I like how this series is turning out.

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Another music photo

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Fiddling while Europe burns

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Len Savage

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Functional texturing

Very aggressive texturing on the rubber grip works pretty well for retention and doesn’t dig into the hand. Stippling on top of the slide reduces glare when in ready position.

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Better than milspec

The common complaint with Army issue guns is that they are made by the lowest bidder. South Korean K5 (P51 in the commercial dress) is no exception. Back when Korean Daewoo P51 pistols became available in the US, I didn’t … Continue reading

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New on AllOutdoor: Selecting the right gun for teaching a new shooter

The article focuses on selecting the right firearm for teaching guns safety and marksmanship to kids.

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Guns aren’t the solution…except when they are.

Opponents of firearms for effective self-defense tell others to run away from danger, to learn martial arts, or to “give the bad guy what he wants”. Not everyone can follow that advice…in fact, almost no one can. Least of all, … Continue reading

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Interesting discussion on Facebook

Roadblocks and blood-letting in Tennessee

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