MMC Tactical 16″ rifle

Today, I started taking photos for MMC Armory. TheirĀ Tactical model is shown here with a 50rd X15 drum and 1-4x Vortex scope. Upgraded parts include polished fire control components, strengthened barrel profile, nickel boron treated bolt barrier group.

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2 Responses to MMC Tactical 16″ rifle

  1. Where’s the bayonet lug?

    I’ve noticed that almost none of the rifles, carbines, and/or shotguns featured on this and other similar web sites are ever designed to include a bayonet.

    Doesn’t anyone remember to prepare for bayonet fighting or silent combat assaults anymore?

    And why is it that weapons which did use bayonets always required a different model of bayonet designed specifically for only that firearm, but which was incompatible with all other firearms?

    Why aren’t rifles, carbines, and shotguns designed to accept one single type of easily interchangeable bayonet?

  2. Ben C says:

    Nice to see some pics of their stuff that matches the specs they have on their webpage a little closer.

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