New revolver

A new revolver arrived recently, along with a very impressive rig from El Paso Saddlery. The new gun is for fun and practice, and comes as a pair with a longer-barreled target counterpart. One major argument for the single action configuration in this caliber is the reliability of extraction even after high-volume shooting. Any guesses as to the caliber and provenance?

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12 Responses to New revolver

  1. JustJeff says:

    Sauer in .357 or .22

  2. Anton Tran says:

    I’d have to guess .45LC? You did mention single action revolver… I was planning on getting one and .45LC was the front runner for me.

  3. Matt says:

    .22 magnum? Tad looks just a little too happy. He must get to shoot it after the photo was taken!

  4. Ancient Woodsman says:

    That phrase “reliability of extraction even after high-volume shooting” makes me think of .38-40, .44-40, and although odd for a revolver but still found in some SA revolvers, 9×19.

  5. "lee n. field" says:

    “Fun and practice” points to .22 rimfire. Fixed sight eliminates the Ruger Single Six/Ten. Size eliminates the Ruger Bearcat.

    I note that Uberti’s new 1873 Cattleman comes in .22 with a variety of barrel lengths.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      You got the caliber right. Extracting empties from a heavily used revolver one at a time works better than trying to dump all at once with a single stroke of an extractor. Not to guess the model of the gun.

      • Ancient Woodsman says:

        OK, if .22 rimfire…Ruger Single Six NR5F (fixed sights, 5 1/2″) paired with an NR6 (adjustable sights, 6 1/2″), both are available in blue.

  6. Stewie says:

    Uberti Cattleman in 22lr?
    Looks larger than a Ruger, and the cylinder cutouts look like there are more than six.

  7. Scott says:

    You can actually find .22 rimfire to shoot?!? Lucky man!

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