Photo backdrops need. Where to get them?

I am looking for several sheets, preferably 4ftx6ft:

  • black acrylic
  • galvanized metal
  • dark, weathered wood or plywood

I need to have them ASAP, no later than Wednesday evening. Not sure where to look for these items, my inquiry at the hardware store were not fruitful. Suggestions are welcome. I am in Hermitage, TN.

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  1. Rob Reed says:

    A very quick search at Amazon showed several companies with photo backdrops that might work. It looks like with at least some of them if you order by tonight you’d get it by Tuesday night. Might be worth a look.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Most of them seem to be cloth rather than the solid materials I need. Also, I would prefer to buy them locally so that I can preview what I am getting.

  2. Code3 says:

    Sometimes farmers have old barnwood. If you know any Amish, they sometimes have it too.

  3. Oddball says:

    I’d check the local hardware stores. A quick search shows that Home Depot sells black acrylic sheets in 4’x6′ and galvanized metal in 2’x3′ sheets. I think there’s a place in the 100 Oaks area that specializes in A/C equipment that probably also sells galvanized metal sheets, but I can’t remember the name.

    As for weathered wood, the only thing I can think of is finding a place that sells reclaimed lumber.

  4. c.ihara says:

    For black acrylic you can get some clear acrylic sheet from Home Depot, then just spray paint one side black. Peel the protective cover off and paint it. Then you can leave the other protective side on for a matte finish, or peel it off for gloss.

  5. Mark Horning says:

    Home depot should have 2 x 6 sheets of galvanized material, in that wavy form I always think of as “shed roof”.

  6. John Draper says:

    There are enough old barns around Macon, Jackson and Smith counties to board up half of Nashville and most country folks would invite you to use them. Be prepared to be invited to lunch while working. These folks are like that.

  7. Jack Hawkins says:

    Have a look at McMaster-Carr online. They are an industrial supply and they have all sorts of things: acrylic sheet? Their listing of plastics includes: ABS Plastic, Acetal Plastic, Acrylic Plastic, Aluminum/Plastic, Composite Plastics, CPVC Plastic, CTFE Plastic, FEP Plastic, Fiberglass Plastic, Garolite Plastic, Laminating Plastics, Noryl Plastic, Nylon Plastic, etc. They can supply in sheets, bars, strips, tubes, rods, etc. The website is a rabbit hole; have lots of free time when you go browsing there.

  8. Steve979 says:

    For the aged wood or plywood,
    use light grey paint and ‘age’ it by spraying it with Pam cooking oil
    and using a hand-held propane torch.

    Other posters are right about the acrylic and Galvanized metal.

  9. R says:

    You might find that pressure treated CDX plywood will have the look you desire although it may have a green hue in your region. It won’t be at Home Depot but any serious lumber yard should have it. The lumber yard they may even have some weathered plywood that they usde to cover other materials stored outside.

    You could also look into getting some snap together engineered flooring, Pergo is a common brand, if you can find a finish you like. This will be available at both Home Depot and specialty flooring stores. You could make portable by assembling it and gluing it down to thin plywood or a door skin.

    You even have a lumber yard dedicated to selling reclaimed lumber locally

    I don’t know what to make of the capcha being “KKK” tonight.

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