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Crowdsourced shotgun

A friend recently gave me an 870 shotgun. It lacked only a few important details, like the barrel or the intact buttstock. Fortunately, 870 is like an AR15 in terms of parts availability. A few days later, another friend took … Continue reading

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Прекрасный перевод

Перевод А. Глебовской Легат, я получил приказ идти с когортой в Рим, По морю к Порту Итию, а там – путем сухим; Отряд мой отправленья ждет, взойдя на корабли, Но пусть мой меч другой возьмет. Остаться мне вели! Я прослужил … Continue reading

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How police lost the fight for hearts and minds

As communication technologies improve, most Americans are learning that police forces include many psychopathic, murderous thugs. Videos of police committing rape, murder, mugging and other crimes under the color of the law are everywhere. It’s only a numerical minority of … Continue reading

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About Independence Day by my friend Michael Freeman

Read the article on his site.

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An early morning walk (nsfw)

Woke up before 6am this morning to re-set my waking hours to include more daylight. My friend showed up at six a.m. with some of the clothes she designed. We planned to shoot outdoor fashion, but got rain. I suggested … Continue reading

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A good deal in optics

Primary Arms is coming out with an illuminated 1-6x scope with a BDC reticle for .223Rem. I tried out the prototypes and was pleasantly surprised: sharp optics, minimal distortion, very good eyebox even at 6x, and a clear rangefinding reticle. … Continue reading

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PSA from JMB

These days, it can just as easily be 32ACP, another one of Browning’s creations. But the older, high quality pistols like this Beretta or the 1910 Mauser have the advantage of great triggers and minimal recoil. 22LR can also work, … Continue reading

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Two is one, one is none. Photo retouching help needed.

I work with two retouchers. Just so happens that both are on vacation at the same time, and I could use the help. If you are interested in working with me, please let me know.

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Girls just want to have fun.

Cimarron’s faithful (other than the caliber) copy of the original 1860 Henry rifle is an odd firearms. Loading it is rather unorthodox, the magazine follower is external and can interfere with the hold under the magazine. Lever movement makes holding … Continue reading

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They grow up so fast

Years ago, I took photos of Michael Williamson‘s daughter, the actress Morrigan Sanders. In the time that passed, her AR gained better iron sights and a 1.5×24 ACOG in place of the EOTech, but stayed pretty much the same otherwise. … Continue reading

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Little Girl’s Big Revolver

Funky Ted Nugent ammunition is from Pierce.

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Father and daughter

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Catching up on the edits: one of my past models

Probably NSFW

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If you shoot 357Mag for effect, get a Coonan

Full-power 357Mag recoil in revolvers is usually quite substantial. I tend to shoot 38Spl in mine unless carrying them, which I do very seldom. The Coonan, on the other hand, gives some muzzle flip but very minimal felt recoil. Shooting … Continue reading

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