Ceska zbrojovka, the classics.

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3 Responses to Ceska zbrojovka, the classics.

  1. Darrell says:

    I loves me some CZs. Rifles and pistols.

  2. harqueb.us says:

    And the worn finish on the steel has an art all its own.

  3. Those are some of my Favorites to carry. And the last one is one of the CZ’s is extremely hard to find. The last one I saw up for sale was 2 years ago and I think it lasted 2 days. That is a CZ Short Rail made for only one year and only approx. 20k were made and they are as I said hard as Hens teeth to find. Along with the CZ Mod 22 they are the Golden Fleece for CZ Collectors. I got this one 3 days before the Invitational Shoot and brought it with me. Along with all the others. Thank you Oleg for posting those pictures!

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