Range report…tomorrow

Went to On Target (turn off speakers before clicking — loud sound effects on that site) range today. Shot indoors for the first time in a year and it was a nice experience. Friendly and helpful staff, good ventilation and lighting.

I finally shot the vz61 pistol and vz58 rifle that Czechpoint provided this summer, ran 200+ rounds through Boberg XR9-S, sighted in Anderson rifle and tried a variety of ammunition through JARD .22 upper. Full report with photos tomorrow, some observations for now.

With rimfire, ammunition quality matters. JARD upper was unimpressive with bulk ammo. Eley Sport halved the group size. CCI Stingers halved it again.

XR9-S is almost boring to shoot. It functions 100%, doesn’t kick much even with +P+ ammunition and basically shoots to the limit of the shooter’s ability. The gun isn’t a variable, the shooter’s concentration is.

vz61 was surprise of the day. It has a light trigger, decent sights, no felt recoil and 100% reliability with ball and JHP. I shot over 200 rounds through it and wished I’d brought more with me. 75m and 150m sight markings on it are truly optimistic, but it was quite credible at 25.

Almost forgot: I zeroed a Bersa Thunder 9 with Viridian C5L laser and tried a variety of ammo through Keltec PF9 with Twisted Industries .22 upper and CTC laser. The two laser-equipped guns were real crowd-pleasers: I ended up lending both to people who were shooting on other lanes. At the indoor range, even with good ventilation, the red and green traces were extremely visible and helped fine-tune trigger control.

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8 Responses to Range report…tomorrow

  1. Egregious Charles says:

    In the picture, the R and P are switched, that should be scoRPion not scoPRion.

  2. Tirno says:

    “Skoprion”? A little spellcheck in the image for the ┼ákorpion might help, Oleg.

  3. Lyle says:

    All laser sights work well indoors.

  4. oddball says:

    How do you like the Bersa Thunder 9? I keep thinking about picking one up since I like my Thunder 380 so much. I just haven’t yet for one reason or another.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Less felt recoil than the .380. Quite accurate. It’s a DA/SA gun with de-cocking safety, while I prefer single or Glock-type action. So far, I had one failure to extract out of about 100 rounds fired, but that may have been the fault of truly junky old ammunition. Fit and finish a little rougher than a Glock or M&P, but the gun works fine. 13rd magazines seem to hold only 12 for me.

  5. Henry says:

    Despite the ungainly appearance this is a fun gun to shoot & ACCURATE! A conventional 2-handed hold works quite well. Recoil is nonexistent.
    I’d love to have played with this little jem back in the Cold War era when it was issued in full auto with a folding wire stock (I think it was an underfolder:Oleg?). In that configuration this would be an excellent addition to a protection team’s arsenal.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Dan, the owner of Czechpoint, has one such original. He said that he’s up to 4000 rounds through it without malfunctions. I shot one magazine through his — it’s absolutely controllable and very comfortable to fire. 32ACP isn’t much of a round, but 20 of them almost at once make an impression.

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