Out of buckshot, pushing on!

“Кончится картечь, не пропадём…”

Winchester 1897(12ga), Savage 1915(32ACP).

Background photo from http://www.wallchan.com/wallpaper/2447/

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9 Responses to Out of buckshot, pushing on!

  1. FileJunkie says:

    Мягкий знак лишний.

  2. xaxatun says:

    Классно получилось!

  3. Tony Lekas says:

    My initial thought concerning this is: Move to Cover!!! If you hang out in the open in a gunfight, especially one that empties your shotgun, you are going to get shot!

    • Oleg Volk says:

      If cover is available. Otherwise it may be better to attack into the ambush.

    • Elijah Duray says:

      I think the title phrase “pushing on” implies making one’s way to cover/safety, whether it be the master bedroom in your home, your car in the parking lot, or your front door when you’re in the yard. My only advice for her would be DROP THE EMPTY SHOTGUN! Tho, perhaps she has more buckshot wherever she’s trying to get to, in which case more power to her.

  4. staghounds says:

    I like this old gun advertising. It is odd to think that a century ago, Colt, S&W, Savage, and all the other significant handgun manufacturers bought full page adverts in general circulation magazines. Could you imagine, today, a full page in say Newsweek or Cosmopolitan? Trying to sell PISTOLS? To WOMEN?

  5. WildsOfPortland says:

    I would have a hard time believing that a mass-circulation magazine like People, US, Glamour, that appeals to the 21-27 year old office-woman would dare accept the ad money from Colt/Glock/Ruger for fear of being investigated by Dept. Of Human Sacrifice. Advertising should be appealing to their responsibility to preserve themselves for their children and families, by whatever means necessary. Testify…. and read Bernays on how.

    Women with guns are not “uncovered meat” to men from alien cultures. It’s a good thing to date women who carry firearms all the time, as they may have the opportunity to do more than stand by or call 911 while you are attacked.

    .380 Savage 9-shot auto-pistol is definitely going on the list of things to look for at gun shows!


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