Gym update

A mile in 7:50 on the elliptical today (same 8 degree incline). Actually did two gym trips, more on weights in the morning, more cardio in the evening. Happy that I’ve learned to allocate the time for exercise. Extended the membership by two more years. Like digital cameras and rimfire ammunition, gym access is a very affordable luxury, limited mostly by the amount of spare time available.

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4 Responses to Gym update

  1. ecurbCO says:

    I found I never went to gyms unless they were right next door. Impressed you can do it regularly. Eventually I just bought some freeweights, put up a pull-up bar, and started running in the park. Cheaper, and no need to go out of your way.
    It’s also impossible to slack when your dumbbells are staring at you from across the room… 😀

  2. Colin says:

    The most difficult move at the gym is opening the front door. 🙂

    I feel you on the rimfire ammo — cheaper to cast and load 9 and 40 than buy factory 22lr, even in the bricks!

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