Grown-up Barbie

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8 Responses to Grown-up Barbie

  1. Dandapani says:

    Now that’s ATGATT!

  2. John E Davies says:

    Know how I know that pic is just a silly stunt for the camera? She didn’t pad the barrel and it’s going to leave some nasty scars on the bike’s side cover, and she’s maybe going to poke a hole in her seat with the mag.

    From a more personal standpoint, if she goes down, she may either break her back or her hip, depending on which firearm takes the initial impact, or rupture a kidney, then she will likely lose one or both firearms as she slides down the highway. That will be difficult to explain to the Highway Patrol, but most likely she won’t care at that point.

    I’ve ridden many miles on motorcycles while carrying a handgun, and I won’t use anything but a shoulder rig or a tank bag. To carry a long gun, I would, uhmmm … drive my truck. NO way will I ride with a chunk of steel nestled up against my fragile bones. And I won’t risk a steel rod dropping down into my rear wheel spokes.

    Silly pic!

  3. MicroBalrog says:

    Uh Davies. There are people who do in fact carry longarms on bikes. I’ve seen photos of that taken in actual traffic.

    • John E Davies says:

      So what … they are idiots, just asking for personal injury or worse. Falling onto steel at highway speeds is as stupid as riding drunk or barefoot.


  4. Tony says:

    I bought a rifle at a gun show and strapped it to the side of my motorcycle over the saddlebag. I’ve carried a bow the same way. My pistol rides at 4:00 and is quite comfortable there.

  5. cpcass says:

    I like the Barbie Dream Cycle Gear and the Barbie Dream AR.

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