(Pre)Teen Rifle

This boy is 11. He’s been shooting since age 6. During the entire photo shoot with various firearms, he’s shown excellent safety habits, better than most adults.

The rifle was custom-built by Doublestar. Red dot is a PA micro. Eye and ear protection by Champion.

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6 Responses to (Pre)Teen Rifle

  1. This rifle is set up just for shooters of smaller stature. It features an ACE ARFX-E stock, DoubleStar flip rear sight, DoubleStar 416 rail handguard(which is oval contoured for smaller hands), Ace vert grip, lightweight 16″ barrel, Ergo grip, and DoubleStar winter trigger guard. Give us a call if you need anything! 859-745-1757

  2. Dandapani says:

    Finger on trigger? On target?

  3. mp5fanboy says:

    Order from DoubleStar this month and you will get a 6-pack of Ale-8! Either that, or you can request Nick’s leftover bacon fat from the upcoming Knob Creek shoot…

  4. AK™ says:

    Lord help him if he ever does anything wrong during school or talks about those “murder simulators/”call of duty type” games..because now that this photo is out..he’ll be branded as a threat to society. All the liberal democrats will cry out “what about MY children?”

    Personally I’m glad he’s up to running an AR-15 now. 🙂

  5. Yes ¡

    My profound thanks to the Young MAN’s Parents!

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