Stop California AB144!

AB144 would cause harm twice: once by denying self-defense than the current restrictions, and again by making gun owners invisible to the public. De-normalizing open carry would damage our rights in the long run.

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6 Responses to Stop California AB144!

  1. Lanius says:

    This is a good one.
    Verry nice.

    Good job!

  2. camtec says:

    One of your better photographs. Very impressive.

  3. Pierangelo Tendas says:

    Your campaigns can sometimes be very creepy, Mr.Volk…

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  5. Brian says:

    Your point about normalizing gun owners through open carry is well received in Wisconsin. In the most recent concealed carry legislation (even as the NRA imposed its favorite flavor of Gun Control a.k.a. Shall Issue/Shall Pay/State Imposed Training) being able to point out that Open Carry *already is lawful,* and that concealed carry just makes some people more comfortable, moved the ball up the field.

  6. Ed Freely says:

    AB144 just passed the senate, the amended version doubles the penalties if you’re caught with ammo in posession or don’t legally own the firearm. Off to Jerry Brown, then burn your bill of rights. It’s gone.

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