Master and slave relationship?

California legislature: “You may beg for permission to protect yourself.”

Law-abiding person: “Please, Massa, may I?”

California legislature: “Of course…not! Who do you think you are, Diane Fienstein?”

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7 Responses to Master and slave relationship?

  1. Terry says:

    That’s factually wrong. Carry permits in CA are issued by county Sheriffs, not by the state. Some counties issue them, mostly rural ones, although most don’t. To be factually wrong hurts your argument.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Maybe the text should read “California sheriffs don’t issue” but the problem remains…”may issue” really isn’t.

  2. Tony Lekas says:

    Maybe I am missing something but why is she spray painted silver? It even got part of her hair.

  3. camtec says:

    Another good one.

  4. Erik Royce says:

    Very good photos, as always!

    It’s mainly the Sheriffs of heavily populated counties who won’t issue for good cause being defined as self defense. Some can have their good cause drafted, and be similar to “other good cause statements” that have been approved, and still be denied because the applicant is “not connected” as well as the “other applicant”…

    Here’s a suggestion:

    CCW Applicant: “Please Sheriff, may I have my fundamental right to self defense?”

    Sheriff of a heavily populated county: “You haven’t donated anything to my campaign fund, so why should I?”

    How ’bout a photo of a “CCW APPLICATION” with a big red stamp on it that says “DENIED”…


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