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Thompson .45 carbine

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Why settle for a can of whoopass when you can have a whole drum?

45ACP light-weight carbine (T5) with 100-round drum attached. 1927 style foregrip and Cutts compensator.

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Same wall, different cats

A few of the ways people used the same object for cover during the sniper instructor course run by Denny of SniperProShop. These represent about half the methods I’ve seen used.

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The other visitor

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One of today’s visitors

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Other people’s cats

The story of social engineering by a cat is common, but the photo posted with it was too cute to pass up.

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Running in place.

Yesterday, my best mile on the elliptical at 7 degree incline was 7:49. Today, with incline set at 8 degrees, the time was 8:15. Hopefully, I can bring that down to 7:49 again and then keep taking it down to … Continue reading

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No innocents abroad?

Other than the United States, which other countries charge citizens returning from foreign travel with violations of domestic laws while abroad? I see more and more references to tourists being prosecuted upon return and of foreign nationals being charged with … Continue reading

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Nice leather and grips

Holster and grips by Kevin Manley of KD Holsters Rohrbaugh R9

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An Act of Self-Defense, the book

I just read it and recommend it to others: An Act of Self-Defense by Erne Lewis. The book describes a possible future along the lines of “Unintended Consequences” but with somewhat greater realism. The writing quality is decent, the plot … Continue reading

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Apathy towards the TSA

Joe’s article explains why most people aren’t even bothering to curse at the TSA creatures.

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Not sure who made this knife

Looks pretty neat though.

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Less pink, same bang

STI Elektra with burlwood grips by Kevin Manley. These grips are half the usual thickness, yielding a very slim grip.

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Running faster, blogging less

This week has been split between studio product and editorial photography. I also managed a gym trip every day since Sunday. The work-outs are paying off: today was my best time on the elliptical — a mile in 8:27 with … Continue reading

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Who is coming to Defcon this year?

I am considering going, what do I need to know about the event to get the most out of it?

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Why Malthus was wrong

Within a couple of decades, this monster was replaced by a palm-size device of greater capability and far lower cost. A few years later, calculators fit in wrist watches. Now they are included as software in just about every communication … Continue reading

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Another one of Lucky Gunner employees

From the Memorial Day shoot in Knoxville with Lucky Gunner.

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Dmitri aka FPSRussia

This guy makes whimsical and humorous firearm videos with a mix of common and exotic small arms, from a common Mossberg 500 to Ultramax 100 LMG to mortars.

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Violent Luddites

Anti-gun activists have much in common with the original Luddites. They blame new technologies and users of those technologies for their own plight, and aren’t above using violence to achieve their goals. Luddites did their own killing, whereas “anti-gunners” — … Continue reading

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GRSC 1-4x scope on a Bushmaster ACR

GRSC scope has a clever rangefinding/BDC reticle. Shown with Bobro QD mount.

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