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About that “military-style” buzzword

Erin Palette wrote an excellent explanation of the anti-gunner’s favorite scaredy-word, “military-style”. The effort isn’t even limited to firearms — just trying carrying a sword or a sabre in Japan, England or many US states! Perhaps the only firearms that … Continue reading

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Violent Luddites

Anti-gun activists have much in common with the original Luddites. They blame new technologies and users of those technologies for their own plight, and aren’t above using violence to achieve their goals. Luddites did their own killing, whereas “anti-gunners” — … Continue reading

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Kalamata’s in Green Hills (Nashville) no longer recommended.

In the past, I recommended that restaurant to my friends and sometime set up group gatherings there. As of last month, they have “No Firearms” sign on the door which removes them from consideration as a dinner spot. I mentioned … Continue reading

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