Resting before a long ride

Alany Helmantoler one of the most active California lobbyists in favor of civil rights (including the right to effective self-defense).

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  1. Dandapani says:


    • Orygunner says:

      I really hope she’s going to put on some adequate riding gear before actually taking off… If she chooses to ride like that, it would seem ironic to be so concerned with making sure she is safe from predators (the 2 legged kind), yet so cavalier about making sure she is safe from the inherent risks of motorcycling.


  2. pastubbs says:

    meh I ride in t-shirt and shorts all the time, most times I don’t even have a helmet on cept when I try to get back on base. the one fall I’ve had was on a dirt bike of course no helmet then either. Came out with just a scrap on my forearm.

  3. HMPlatinum says:

    We strive with the strongest language to protect our rights and freedoms, especially when it comes to firearms.

    What I find ironic is the same voices often overlook other freedoms. If she wants to ride in her knickers, she should be able to. It’s a free country, or rather, it’s supposed to be.

    BTW, I do wear a helmet. It’s a choice. It will also make it easier to find my noggin should I wipe out in a big way. As long as she’s not infringing upon my freedoms and rights, she should ride however she feels like. MYOB is a rule so frequently broken, especially when it comes to thinking someone else is doing something “we” don’t approve of.

  4. Alany H says:

    I do ride like this at times and also ride with full gear at other times especially on longer rides or really hot weather where the heat is greater off the street. I have learned that soaking gear in water before a ride allows for air conditioning. Yes if I go down like this it will hurt but at times I make the choice to ride this way.

    Freedom is never free, we all pay the price. We are the people who must defend ourselves, our rights and our communities whether with tools or with our voices. I am free on bike and generally untouchable. I ride alone frequently with confidence that I am secure in myself and my belongings. I carry tools necessarily to defend myself and am trained in use of other defensive means.

    In the end what I enjoy most is freedom.

  5. Bob Harris (aka pendavi on LJ) says:

    I have a CZ 2075 RAMI Pin 9mm. A great compact semi-auto. It has one odd quirk.

    I used to keep it in the center console storage in my car, muzzle down, with a round in the chamber. It fit perfectly. But after a while, the next round in the magazine would work loose and would rattle around in the receiver just under and behind the chambered round. I moved it to the house and put my H&K USP45 in my car.

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