Ithaca M37 Riot Shotgun Rides Again: new on AllOutdoor

Ithaca brings the charismatic classic back

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6 Responses to Ithaca M37 Riot Shotgun Rides Again: new on AllOutdoor

  1. Nighthawk says:

    A real combat proven pump.

  2. Current User says:


  3. Ray says:

    I love the Idea of brining back the model 37 , and the “trench gun” silliness will certainly sell guns. BUT. Having owned three original 1897 Winchester Trench guns I know that the Bayonet / Shotgun combo never lived up to its “coolness” factor. With the bayonet attached the shotgun has 16 inches and almost one pound added to the front end. And the bayonet “lug” / hand guard is only secured by three FRICTION screws. In actual use they tend to want to roll around the barrel and jam themselves into the pump action. Rendering the shotgun and the bayonet functionally useless. Also the choke is silly on a tube that should be all about OO buck or slugs. But like I said It’ll sell a lot of guns to the “WOW” kids

  4. Gene says:

    The bayonet the Gov. used on all the WW 1 trench brooms is a 1917 Enfield type. The 03 Springfield bayonets won’t work.

  5. frank says:

    Ray is 100 % correct.

  6. Jay says:

    I like it. If you run out of shells, it could almost double as a Scottish Claymore…

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