Enhanced Vepr .308

Vepr rifle with 20″ barrel, Troy Battle Ax stock on ITT hydraulic buffer tube, Aimpoint Comp M2, Viridian X5L light/laser, SGM forend. The forend is going to be switched out for the Texas Weapons part shortly. I’d like to move the Magpul RVG further back, also the side and the bottom rail teeth seem out of spec, set too closely together.

Texas Weapons rear sight on railed dust cover from the same company provides very long sight radius, though without range adjustments of the original RPK rear sight. With 308Win zeroed at 30y, the far zero is at 280y. The trajectory height tops out at just a bit over 5″ above bore line at 160y and drops that far below by 330y. To me, that’s acceptable point blank range for a backup sight within which it’s quicker and more accurate than the V-notch leaf sight with much shorter radius. The iron sights do not co-witness with the red dot but can be used without dismounting the optic. X5L provides backup close range sighting.

Vepr rifles run fine with brass or steel ammunition. With the hydraulic buffer tube, felt recoil is above 22WMR but below 5.45×39. The buttplate is wide and the stock has useful internal storage. I need to replace the standard safety with Krebs version and put some neoprene or rubber around the stock collar just in case my face slides up against it.

Can’t wait to get more range time with this gun. It’s lighter than an AR10 and kicks less. The rifle looks homely but feels great in hand.

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7 Responses to Enhanced Vepr .308

  1. Henry says:

    ” looks homely “…’businesslike’ is the term I’d use.

  2. I’ve used those buffer tube stocks before, and they’re a neat idea, but I think they leave a lot to be desired. The shift in position between the pistol grip and your cheek is enough to slow down my repeat shots.

    They do tame the recoil pretty effectively, though, so for a range toy or an “introduction to big scary calibers” rifle, they are tits.

  3. Darrell says:

    I think it’s great that VEPRs are once again available in the US, but dang, taccing them out just strikes me as wrong. I always thought the Robinson VEPRs were darn good looking guns just as they were. The .308 VEPR II was a holy grail gun for me at one time.

  4. Justin Farrar says:

    If both the irons sights and the red dot allow good hits on the target that is considered co-witnessed. It doesn’t matter if they are both lined up with one another in the same view. In most cases thats not even possible. Co-witnessed just means both aming devices will provides hits without having to physically move one sight or the other out of the way in order to do so.

    Love your sight BTW!

  5. Justin Farrar says:


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