Do you train…in the rain?

Does your hat brim keep your glasses clear enough to see?

Is your scope waterproof and rust-resistant enough to function the day after the rain?

Can you move with full loadout while soaked? Do your soles provide a sure footing?

The time to find out is now, not when you find yourself in a bind and discover that you can’t turn on your red dot while wearing gloves, or can neither see through muddy optics not pull them off to use backup irons. Professionalism is not the equipment, it’s the training and the dedication to getting it right.

If you are curious about the equipment anyway: R Bros bolt action, Seekins Precision AR, A-tacs camo.

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4 Responses to Do you train…in the rain?

  1. PawPaw says:

    Like we used to say in the military; “If it ain’t raining, we ain’t training.”

  2. Isaac says:

    Well, I feel better now. I’ve done all those things while deer hunting with my homeland defense rifle. Also, I’m wearing Keens right now, too.

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  4. LarryArnold says:

    I’ll let you know, if we ever get any more rain.

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